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… my feeling about it is, part of what makes everything so precious to us is exactly the fact that we know it’s going to disappear, we know it’s impermanent, we know it won’t last, but what we love is this thing now”


#AAIFF14 starts this week! Check out our trailer made by Kayla Wong and Elizabeth Lim.

1 All-Access CinePass will be awarded to the participant who can name the most films/short films in the trailer:

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Ah yes, that age old issue of art and race and comedy.

Disappointed, Seattle.

Need to jump on that train of regularity


I need 6 minutes of this not 6 seconds.

Made me spit out my milk

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What is love?



The same brooch.The same pearls. The same love. 



The same brooch.
The same pearls. 
The same love.